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                  Product Description

                  Home air purifier hepa Air purifier with humidifier made from china manufacturer Guangzhou Olans.


                  >>> Hepa air prufier hepa air purifier technical details:

                  Hepa air purifier,home air purifier,ozone air purifier,air purifier ionizer,portable air purifier,ionic air purifier in Guangzhou city.Hepa air purifier iis hot selling items in this year.Air purifiers are all with 7 stage air purifier filters. item model:Air purifier

                  Item Model: OLS-K05
                  Optional color: White,Cream,Green,Blue,Purple
                  Power:? 95W
                  Voltage/Frequency:? 220-240V~ ?50/60Hz
                  Air flow(CADR) 300M3/H
                  Negative ion 2×10,000,000 CM3
                  Applicable area:? 50m2
                  Net weight 6KG
                  Product size: 360*195*565(mm)?
                  Filter size: 290x320mm
                  Carton Size: 402*226*607(mm)
                  Motor type: Plastic sealed
                  Container Load: ? 20ft /472, 40ftHQ /1180?


                  1.Low air flow:18dB

                  2.Medium air flow:30dB

                  3.High air flow:50dB


                  >>> Hepa Air purifier detail product image:


                  1.Auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator
                  2.Humidifier with 3-grade mist output.
                  3.3 grades of wind speed control,large flow rate radidly
                  purifies indoor air
                  4.1-24H Timer with Sleep Mode function
                  5.Negative anion releasing 2×10,000,000 CM3
                  6.7-Stage Purifying: 1-Nano-photocatalyst. 2- Activated
                  carbon filter. 3-Antibacterical and antiviral nonwoven fabric.
                  4-Activated carbon fyber net. 5-High efficient HEPA
                  0.01micron . 6- UV Sterilization. 7- Ionizer
                  7.Hi efficient Motor– Quiet , low electricity consumption
                  and 30,000 hours life time.
                  8.Remote control and touch panel control


                  Home, Living room, hotel, school, clinic,hospital, kitchen, warehouse, garage, restaurant, bar, etc.

                  Control up to 3,500 square feet of coverage


                  Remove 97% odors, tobacco smoke, fume, foodsmell,
                  beverage smell, pet smell.
                  Eliminate 99.7% dust, pollen, allergy, mold
                  Remove 99.9% formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOC
                  Kill bacterial, virus, germs
                  Help you breathe and sleep better and improve human
                  Clear static, restore the body’s activity
                  Increase brain oxygen, and enhance the function of the
                  cardiovascular system


                  Established in 2006, located in Guangzhou City South China. Olans company is a professional
                  manufacturer and exporter of Air purifiers, Water purifiers, Water dispensers and related
                  accessories. We own a powerful R&D team with highly qualified designers and engineers ,
                  which annually launch many new models. we provide our customers with OEM and ODM
                  Our company has achieved the ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification, the Chinese
                  National Mandatory Product 3C Certification and the National Drinking Water Product Health
                  Safety Certification by the Ministry of Public Health of China.
                  With high quality products and sincere services, we’ve became one of the leading companies
                  in the water and air purifiers industry of China.
                  We always take the concept: All for Customers, Quality First, Guide by Market,Continuous
                  Innovation and persist in All Function, Convenience and Utility, Reasonable Price. Believe we
                  are your best choice for we will provide our best quality and perfect service, also backed up by
                  our powerful R&D team and ample experience with customers, we Olans People with great
                  passion and confidence are striding forward with you to make mutual benefits and create
                  bright future.